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  • SRE for the Internet Age

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    Mr N Forsyth

    This decision means that the quality of SRE across schools will continue to be, at best, inconsistent while, at worst, many young people will be left poorly informed, vulnerable and ill-equipped to deal with the challenges of modern culture.

    As we know, born at the turn of the...


  • Kingston Diary - Overstimulated by technology

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    KGS Staff

    Earlier this half term Natasha Devon, who was a government mental health tsar until recently, came to speak the Second Year pupils about body image and self-esteem, she discussed that one important factor is ‘young people today are overstimulated by technology’. Whilst this concept is nothing...

    Kingston Diary PSHE

  • Kingston Diary - Building Self-Esteem

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    KGS Staff

    At KGS this week we were thrilled to welcome Natasha Devon to lead our Second Year Pastoral Day on Self Esteem and Body Image. Natasha is a writer, TV pundit and founder of the ‘Self Esteem Team’ which has won an award at the House of Commons recognising their services to education. In recent...

    Kingston Diary PSHE