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  • Kingston Diary - At Full Throttle

    Article dsc 8198

    KGS Staff

    Pupils and staff are still operating at full throttle, both in and out of the classroom. Last week particular highlights included a fantastic Sixth Form theatre trip to see Hamlet, the Kids Lit Quiz for junior pupils, the pastoral collapse morning for...

    Drama Kingston Diary PSHE

  • Kingston Diary - STEM opportunities for all

    Article dsc 5945

    KGS Staff

    In fact, research shows that the gap in performance in the UK between boys and girls in these subjects is one of the biggest in the world and a surprising 60% of girls aged 13 claim that STEM subjects are ‘too difficult for them to learn’. As Brian Cox would say, there is a great reservoir of...

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  • Kingston Diary - Pastoral Care for the digital age

    Article dsc 6732

    KGS Staff

    The root cause of these problems is unclear but the pressure of exams and excessive use of social media are often raised as contributory factors. But how much of this is just hearsay?

    Recent figures show one that in fifty children under 18 are in contact with specialist mental health...

    Kingston Diary PSHE

  • Kingston Diary - Measuring experiences outside the classroom

    Article iceland1

    KGS Staff

    Anyone with an eye on the KGS social media feeds will know that the half-term break saw KGS students flung far and wide across the globe with wide-eyed enthusiasm: the 6th form artists inspired by New York’s famous museums; the geographers lucky enough to see the spectacular Aurora Borealis in...

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