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  • Kingston Diary - A history of Hockey

    Article hamburg 1926

    KGS Staff

    It seems strange to be talking about hockey given that it is the summer term, however, Mrs Halford the school archivist told me the exciting news this week that the Hockey Museum had been in touch to ask whether we might be able to provide material for the pop up museum that they are putting...

    Kingston Diary Sport Archive

  • Kingston Diary - Exam season

    Article dsc 6856

    KGS Staff

    "Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be too late!" Not just one of the opening lines from Lewis Carroll’s book, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, but also my concern for much of the last week, which has been a particularly hectic one and where I could have done with just a little bit more time! The pace...

    Drama Sixth Form GCSE A Level

  • Kingston Diary - The rise of the smart phone

    Article dsc 6960

    KGS Staff

    My epiphany on pens came on Monday. “Sorry Sir I can’t do the test, I have damaged the tendon in my right finger”, she said while smugly scanning her new smart phone. She knew my usual response, “write with your left hand” could not apply for a timed test. We both thought she had slipped out...

    History Sixth Form A Level