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  • Kingston Diary - It Takes a Village to Raise a Child

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    KGS Staff

    Shortly after we returned from the Christmas holiday, I listened to a radio adaptation of Frederik Backman’s novel ‘Britt-Marie Was Here’. Britt-Marie needs purpose in her life and she takes the brave step of going out to look for it. She ends up in Borg, a run-down, small town in her native...

  • Kingston Diary - Regard For Others

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    KGS Staff

    It is always useful to reflect on historical events, and they can often be an interesting lens through which to view the present. Saturday 11th February will mark exactly 27 years from when Nelson Mandela was set free from prison, after serving 27 years for campaigning against apartheid in...

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  • Kingston Diary - Better by Design

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    KGS Staff

    The challenges of an academic and theoretical approach must be balanced with the skills of practical based subjects such as Art, Drama and Design Technology. The latter has developed from its craft based roots into a modern, creative and rigorous subject. Design is a way of thinking and most...

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