Kingston Diary - Welcoming back Alumni

KGS Staff

On Thursday evening, the School will welcome one of its most celebrated alumni, playwright and novelist, Michael Frayn back to the school as he officially unveils the “Michael Frayn Theatre”. Mr Frayn is perhaps best known as the author of the farce Noises Off (which won the Laurence Olivier Award for best comedy in 1982) and the dramas Copenhagen and Democracy and the novel Spies (winner of Whitbread best novel prize 2002).Mr Frayn is also the author of the British comedy film, Clockwise, though it is unclear just how much of John Cleese’s memorable Headmaster is based upon Mr Frayn’s recollections of life at Kingston Grammar School.

Mr Frayn will be only one of many alumni that we have welcomed back to KGS in the last month. Indeed, we were delighted to be joined by Old Kingstonian Jez Cartwright who presented the prizes at our Senior Prize Giving and also more recently by former students from the 1980s for their school reunion.

Welcoming back alumni to KGS is something that is important to us as a school and it is something we take great pleasure in doing. As a school we consider it important for two reasons, not just so that we can maintain our connections with Old Kingstonians and share stories of schooldays long since passed – fun though this might be, but also to provide some visible direction for our current students as to the path that they might take. So many of our alumni have gone onto achieve success in their lives after KGS and their stories provide positive inspiration for our current student body to believe that they too can go on to write a novel, start a business or achieve international acclaim for sport or for their charity work.

So when students see the Theatre named after an award winning playwright and novelist, I hope this will go some way to inspiring them to want to be the next celebrated alumni.

Michael Frayn will open the “Michael Frayn Theatre” on Thursday 5th October ahead of the NTLive broadcast of Hamlet. Tickets for Hamlet can be booked here: 

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