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  • Kingston Diary - A Summer of Culture

    Article asc 6991

    KGS Staff

    As the academic year draws to a close and the summer holidays are set to begin the mind turns to how to occupy oneself for seven weeks. Many of our students will utilise the opportunity to visit other countries around the world, some on school organised activities such as the True Adventure...

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  • Wellbeing at KGS

    Article dsc 9173

    Mr N Forsyth

    School mottos can feel a little old-fashioned but at Kingston Grammar School, Bene Agere ac Laetari - Work Well and Be Happy - is the ‘golden thread’ that weaves its way through school life. Not to achieve academic excellence at any cost but, rather, to aim high, be the best you can and,...


  • Kingston Diary - What does the future hold?

    Article dsc 5707

    KGS Staff

    The votes have been counted and the results are in. In the KGS European Referendum, turnout was 60% with 78% voting for Remain and 20% for Leave (with 2% of spoilt ballot papers). As we now know, the KGS vote was not reflective of the country at large. The Prime Minister has confirmed that the...

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  • Kingston Diary - The EPQ

    Article asc 6701

    KGS Staff

    With the majority of the school engaged in examinations, the Lower Sixth took the opportunity this week to deliver their Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) presentations, as part of their Sixth Form academic enrichment programme. The Level 3 EPQ is an independent research project whereby...

    Kingston Diary Sixth Form A Level

  • Kingston Diary - The power of art

    Article dsc 6915

    KGS Staff

    I wonder whether you saw the news item recently about the 17 year old prankster who placed a pair of spectacles on the floor of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art to see whether people would stop to examine them thinking that they were an art exhibit? The spectacles remained in place for a...

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