KGS fee freeze, support for key workers & daily messages from the Head Master


In these uncertain and unsettled times it is great to see so many people acting positively and so may heroes in the workplace, whether trained specialists or volunteers. Amidst all of this it is clear that all types of schools, up and down the country and across the world are doing their bit to keep people’s lives on an even keel. This will become something that’s increasingly important in the tough weeks and months ahead. At Kingston Grammar School, we are committed to supporting our students, their families and our wider community and I would like to this opportunity to update on current measures by way of sharing thoughts and ideas, which is such a positive trend at present:

1. We have taken the decision to freeze fees with immediate effect for the start of the 2020/21 academic year.

2. We are open Monday to Friday and throughout the Easter holidays for students of key worker families to provide crucial daytime support and learning.

3. To maintain engagement with the KGS community, I am broadcasting daily messages to students and parents alike.

These are just our headline gestures that are minor in comparison with the work being done to stem the tide of Covid-19. There are hundreds more initiatives out there in our community and around the globe. Every bit of help, every positive idea, every positive action – even if it is just staying at home, and every nugget of good humour is going to help now and in the future. We say to our community, our neighbours, our country and to the world, do everything you can to help to the best of your ability; maintain your positivity; look after yourself and look after others when and how you are able to, or in the words of our simple yet expressive School motto: 

Work Well & Be Happy