A C L Prichard


It is with much sadness that we report that Antony (Tony) Prichard passed away on Monday 21st September 2015 after a long illness. He spent his last days at Arbrook House in Esher, where he was visited daily by his devoted sister, Judith. Our thoughts are with Judith, his other sister Angela and the rest of his family.

Tony was educated at St. Edward's, Oxford and then at Lincoln College, Oxford, where he took a degree in History and a diploma in Theology. His teaching career started at Hurstpierpoint in Sussex where he stayed for two years. Tony was appointed to teach Latin and Religious Studies at KGS in September 1954. Soon after joining the staff he was appointed master in charge of rowing, a position he held for one year before changing tack and moving to help with hockey and cricket. Latterly, Tony found himself running the 4th XI hockey team and the 3rd XI cricket team. In about 1968 he was promoted to master in charge of the 3rd XI hockey team, a position he held until his retirement in 1992.

Many will remember Tony as a classroom teacher who, in his time, taught Religious Studies to A-Level and Latin to O-Level and then GCSE. His style of teaching, his regular bellows and 'hairy mammoth' tests in Latin will not go unremembered and will be a source of memories for many students who passed through the portal of his classroom.

In addition to these main subjects, he taught Greek up to Year 10 (4th Year) and History from Year 7 (1st Year) to Year 9 (3rd Year). He was renowned for his insistence on a recall of dates and kings and queens! Tony even taught Mathematics and English for a year each.

Outside the classroom, Tony was very much involved in the pastoral side of the school. He was Housemaster of Taverner for a great length of time, something he gave up when he was appointed Head of Junior School in 1976, a post he held until 1989. For many years he was a major player in the organization of the annual school Carol Service, choosing and rehearsing the readers.

Many past pupils will remember those trips he took to Paris and Rome, which he did some 21 times. He organized trips to Covent Garden and the English National Opera. He assisted as stage manager in many school productions and appeared in staff plays and revues. For many years he was staff representative for the school.

Tony, will, I am sure, be sorely missed by all those who came in contact with him. His good humour, irreverence at times, zest for life and sense of fun are what made him, and will be a source of happy memories for many.

The Funeral will be held on Wednesday 21st October 2015, 12 noon at St. Nicholas Church, Thames Ditton, with a reception in the Ye Olde Swan pub.

Other Memories

I was very sorry to receive the sad news that Tony Pritchard recently passed way after a long period of illness. He will be remembered as a KGS icon – he manifested all that the school stood for in his time.

My Report Book shows that Tony was my Divinity teacher for two years. His discrete one word entries on my end of term reports varied alternatively between “fair” and “satisfactory” suggesting that perhaps I could have paid more attention during his lessons.

However in the VIth Form I got to know Tony very well. As the newly appointed Taverner House Master he took a big risk in appointing me, a non-sporting type, as House Captain. This was when I saw and appreciated Tony’s pastoral gifts.

We worked together to ensure that we did our best in the various inter-House competitions. He taught me basic motivational skills which have stood me in good stead throughout my professional career. Due to my manifest lack of sporting ability I had limited opportunity to lead by example but Tony encouraged me to take part whenever I could; for example, to show willing I batted no 11 in the House cricket team. We also discovered that we could collect valuable points ahead of Sports Day by running ½ mile in 2½ minutes. When I surprisingly achieved this we got the senior boys in the House to try to do the same. Many of them did! Tony taught me that persuasion, couple with personal commitment, is better than coercion.

I shall remember Tony as a truly professional schoolmaster whose influence extended well beyond the classroom. There are many generations of KGS pupils who will have similarly benefitted from Tony’s interaction with them. We thank him for all that he has given to the school.

I personally would like to thank Tony Pritchard for the influence that he had on me during my last year at school, particularly for his patience in teaching me how to face new challenges and responsibilities.

To end with – two “one worders” of my own to describe Tony: “passionate” and “positive”.

Gopal Srinivasan (OK 1961)

‘I worked with Tony on the staff at KGS for nearly twelve years. The best thing one can always say about someone like him is that he was a good colleague – reliable, loyal, and totally professional. Endlessly cheerful, he lived for teaching, and was very good at it. And besides being a good teacher, he was also a good schoolmaster – and there is a difference. Ask anybody he taught.

If anybody fitted into the niche he fashioned for himself, it was Tony. One could not imagine him doing anything else. As he said at his retirement party in, I think, 1992, he found it all such fun. And the fun was infectious. Mention his name to thousands of ex-pupils, and I guarantee their first reaction will be to smile.

He was an adornment to his profession.’

Berwick Coates (OK 1952)