Careers in Healthcare Dinner


All the students who were interested in a career in healthcare were invited to join fourteen healthcare professionals from a variety of different sectors, from plastic surgeons to radiologists, for dinner in a private room of the lovely restaurant Brasserie Blanc in Waterloo. Having the opportunity to speak and learn from so many experienced specialists is very rare and we were very fortunate to have such knowledgeable and insightful people with us.

Healthcare 1

When at the dinner, we were seated next to a few medics at each table. After each course the students moved tables in order to sit with and gain wisdom from as many people as possible. After the meal, the students had time to speak to anyone they wished in order to ask any further questions or ask for an opportunity to work with them. I was fortunate enough to secure a work experience placement with a hand surgeon, Valarie Perry, at St. George’s Hospital and will be able to shadow her for an entire week. Valerie will guide me through different areas of the hospital which interest me most, allowing me the chance to witness a variety of different branches of medicine.

The dinner was a great success and I am more inspired than ever to pursue my goal of going to Med School. I learned how to improve my application, tips on how to impress interviewers, and about the positive and negatives of the job itself. On behalf of all the students who attended the dinner, thank you very much to all the healthcare professionals who gave up their time to pass on their advice and knowledge to us. It was a most valuable experience.