Class of 2006 Ten Year Reunion


It was a great pleasure to see so many of the year of 2006 back again in School for the Ten Year Reunion on Friday 10th June. A balmy summer’s evening saw a healthy number (about 30?) gathering in the quad to enjoy crepes, galettes and waffles, helped down by the odd glass of Prosecco, tumbler of Pimms or bottle of beer. Miss Crothers and Mr Sorley turned up as well, which was much appreciated by the assembled alumni, and the memories flowed like the Pimms (and the Prosecco and the beer).

“It was nice, if somewhat surreal, to be back at KGS for the first time in a decade.” Tom Ellis

After pretty much all the food and a considerable quantity of beer (and Pimms and Prosecco) had been dispatched, there was a hugely enjoyed tour of the School (akin to herding cats) which prompted more (and increasingly as the evening wore on more startling) reminiscences, and then, when there was nothing else for it, a long trek round the back streets and the further flung reaches of the Fairfield before everyone finally washed up at the Albion to continue the merriment. It was, when all was said and done, a thoroughly enjoyable evening, and a delight to see this cohort again in such fine fettle.