Classics Trip


On Thursday 1st October, Fifth Year Latin and Greek pupils went to Central London on a Classics trip. We visited the British Museum and looked at galleries filled with ancient red-figure and black-figure pottery, learning the history of how people used to paint ceramics and decorate their possessions. We also saw the Elgin marbles and considered the issue of repatriation of artefacts. Dr Snook was able to tell us a lot of interesting facts about the marbles themselves. We also got to explore some of the other rooms where there was more pottery and ancient art. After dinner in Trafalgar square, we visited the National Portrait gallery, and for the next hour patrolled the floors and posed next to famous pictures. Simon Schama’s ‘Face of Britain’ exhibition rooms were particularly good. Unfortunately this was when our journey ended, but we had a lot of fun, learned many new things (like Pliny) and also posed with Oscar Wilde on the way home!

Joe Rona 5SSC