Gibraltar Netball Tour


The Netball Tour to Gibraltar during the October Half Term was an extremely enjoyable experience, filled with great matches, and unfortunately, thunderous rain! We had a couple of training sessions, where we were able to get prepared for the matches that we had planned for the tour. However, some of the trainings were cut short as a result of the rain! As for the matches, the Senior Team played against Wimbledon High School and St. Dustan’s College, winning both respectfully. We were also able to play against a Gibraltan Team, which was a tough match; however, we played our best, and fortunately won26 – 23! We were alsoable to visit various tourist attractions; such as the Selwo Marina Park, where we were able to see different animals, like dolphins and parrots. We also visited the Rock of Gibraltar and encountered the monkeys that stroll about the area (sometimes even receiving a hug from one!). During the evenings, the teachers organised a Quiz Night, and an Awards’ Night to end the tour. On the last day, we even took part in the Karaoke Night as part of the hotel’s entertainment. It was a great end to the tour - all of us on stage, dancing to the Macarena! It was a fantastic tour that allowed us to mix with the other year groups, and I am sure that all the players are grateful to the teachers for organising this amazing tour!"

A big thank you to Miss Butler, Mrs Arnold and Mrs Corcoran for their fun and enthusiastic support on the newly named ‘Wetball Tour’!

Nicole George (U18 Tour Captain)