Going for Gold


During October half-term, 16 Upper Sixth students headed off to Dartmoor to complete the expedition element of their Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award

With our 65-litre bags packed with everything we would need for the next five days, we met at the back of school bright and early on Saturday morning. After a few hours of travelling in two minibuses, we arrived at Fox Tor, where we had our last proper dinner, before parting ways in our groups the following morning. From Sunday morning to Wednesday afternoon, we spent the mornings trekking around 18km per day. In the evening, as we arrived at our campsites, we made our dinner on our trangias and set up our tents. Fortunately, Dartmoor’s infamous weather had been held back for us, as there were not too many heavy showers whilst we were walking. However, all changed in the evenings, with thunderstorms and strong winds during both nights.

We were all filled with an enormous sense of achievement as we arrived at our final checkpoint on Wednesday afternoon. From jumping over barbed wire to crawling under fences, those five days will never be forgotten! A huge thank you to our assessor for joining us in Dartmoor (and passing us all!), and to all the teachers who helped us on the expedition and the practices too!

Nicole George, U6SSC