KGS Friends One Term On Reunion


KGS Friends celebrated the Year of 2016’s first term away with two very successful One Term On reunions on Monday 19th December.

This year saw the events at to two new venues. The parents, some 30 of them, gathered downstairs in the Bishop, while a few doors along 80 of the newest cohort of OKs, joined by about a dozen of their old teachers, were upstairs at the Gazebo.

KGS Friends were liberal with the wherewithal, the spirit of goodwill and good cheer flourished and festive fun was had by all – perhaps a little more festive at the Gazebo, it must be said. Something to do with the altitude?

Eventually everyone headed off, nicely primed for the holiday season and looking forward to a very happy Christmas. And a very happy KGS Friends New Year is in the planning. 

Please click here to view photographs of the evening.