Masterclasses for year 5 & 6 pupils


This year's masterclasses were hugely successful and lots of fun, and we look forward to holding more again next year.

Over three Saturday mornings in April and May, nearly 200 children from local primary schools enjoyed a series of masterclasses presented by various members of staff.

On offer were masterclasses in CAD, Cartography, Exploring the Ancient World, Forensic Science, Fun with Clay, Have Your Say, History Mystery, Lights Camera Action!, Playing With Your Brain, Shipwrecked, Squeeze Words Hard, Tell Me A Story, Technical Wizardry, Wonderful World of Maths and World Languages.

In Forensic Science participants learned techniques such as splatter-pattern and finger-printing analysis, ballistics and chromatography as they tried to work out who killed the three pigs, starting on the first day by extracting living evidence (maggots) from the remains!

In other sessions the children were soon planning, designing and then making useful and decorative items they could take home with them such as nature-inspired pots out of clay or bookmarks and key fobs using Computer Aided Design (CAD) software. Other pupils wrote poetry or expressive literature, or even learned to use the technology available to us in our Performing Arts Centre. Some made a start on learning about classical languages and culture and others discussed the moral dilemma of being shipwrecked - in order to survive, they had to discuss which items on the lifeboats were more ‘valuable’ than others (for example, food, shelter, the Mona Lisa…), and therefore what to abandon. Whilst this class had numerous fascinating discussions about values and moral dilemmas, another delved deep into a mystery from history...