School Captains 2016/17


As we thank outgoing School Captains Holly Munro, Will Burden and Steph Semple, we introduce our newly-appointed School Captains.

Attaining, adopting and wearing the mantle of leadership, in the right manner, can be quite different things and it is with this in mind that I congratulate and thank our new School Captain, Oliver Cole, and Vice Captains, Ellie de Heer and Joe Hilty. I know that they will make excellent student leaders of the School and that the last few days may well have proved to be a whirlwind of celebration and  organisation as they quickly got to grips with the enormity of their task.

I was proud to witness the manner in which they addressed their first meetings with senior staff and with the students in the School Forum. They are superb role models and ambassadors, and I know that they will be able to rely on each other to manage their various duties and responsibilities.

They have attained the mantle, clearly adopted it with relish and vigour, and over the course of the next year they will have to wear it with an equal measure of pride and humility.

They will also be able to rely on their friends, many of whom were also potential candidates for the top student roles at KGS. I am delighted to say that I am also very proud of these students in the way that they have handled the disappointment of not being selected. They have demonstrated all of the resilience and willingness to learn from any setback that we have come to expect from the very best KGS student. 

Mr SR Lehec