Silver Snake


The moment that the whole of year 7 was waiting for came when, on Thursday the 22nd of September, the words “ and.. GO!” were uttered, and 5 forms worth of pure determination spilled out onto the floor of the hall. We were, at that moment, entranced with organising thousands of silver coins( hence the name: Silversnake!) into neat rows snaking( also hence the name!) from one end of the hall to another. At least, we tried to make them neat. For the most part, they were. Some of them.

The SIlversnake event was an idea designed to give money to charity, while at the same time being immensely enjoyable and improving our motor skills. For weeks in advice, we had been painstakingly looting our piggy banks and parents’s wallets( definitely not. We asked them first.) in search of 5, 10, 20 and 50p coins, which were held hostage in PE bags, cardboard boxes and pickle jars until the Grand Event.

And, on the 22nd of September 2015, we staggered— laden with merchandise— towards the hall, where we talked tactics( spread out along our form lines, distribute the coins between us, and get busy winning the prizes!) and waited— impatiently— for the starting signal.

Finally, we got started, and could only think of two things: length and neatness. There were prizes to think of, and only two of them! After all, the winners would win:

a) Celebrations chocolates, and

b) the chance to choose which charities the money would go to.

1LSK achieved the ‘longest’ snake and 1ROP won the ‘straightest’ snake. These tutor groups have chosen the ‘National Autistic Society’ and the ‘Children of the Andes’ to receive our donation.

In the end, the First Years raised £655.27 and we managed, in total, to snake silverly up the hall at least 10 times, and— even if we didn’t win anything— leave the hall feeling that we had done a great thing for charity. And we had.

Carmen Gessel 1LMJ