Spectacular GCSE Results


​Kingston Grammar School students are today celebrating having achieved some of the best GCSE results in the School’s history. A* grades alone accounted for just over 54.1% of the grades with the majority of students gaining all A*/A grades in their 10 or more GCSEs.

Head Master Stephen Lehec commented that “in any year these results would be wonderful but, with the national trend (especially in top grades) moving downwards, these are quite spectacular!”

In bucking the national trend quite considerably, the KGS students have achieved a huge increase in the number of A* and A*/A grades (54.1% and 82% respectively).

Over 90% of the cohort achieved A* grades, 55% with A* in the majority of subjects; half of the entire year group attained all A*/A grades. It has proved difficult, therefore, to select the School’s top performers. Kirsty George, Kate Jarvis, Emily Liu and Charlie Perry stood out, however, with 11 A* grades each. They were closely followed by George Casci, Hannah Cowie, Ellen Garard, Vivek Haria, Lucinda Knight, Daniel Piche-Hainsworth, Jess Pringle, Hakeem Shittu and Izzy Toner who all achieved 10 A* grades or more.

Stephen Lehec commented that whilst “the results were very strong across all subjects, with the average grade of every exam being an A, the achievement of students and staff in the sciences, where 80% of the grades were at A*, really stands out.

"On behalf of the entire teaching body, I would like to say how proud we are of this year group’s achievements. Alongside their highly impressive GCSE results, these students embody the ethos of the School, combining academic rigour with community spirit, sporting prowess and intellectual curiosity. They now find themselves well-placed for the challenges of Sixth Form life and the wider world beyond.”