Sports Day


Sports day was a huge success, with the weather staying dry and the children experiencing a lively and exciting atmosphere. The afternoon began with the field events and some special mentions to Jacob Eley (1st Year) who broke a school record in the shotput, Lily Mercier (2nd Year) with a new record in the vortex throw, Callum Farr (3rd Year) was exceptional in both the long jump and triple jump and Lily Abbott (3rd Year) setting a new record in the high jump.

The track events started at 3pm which were all exciting with some outstanding individual performances. Special mentions to Sophie Wood (1st Year) with a new record in the 800m, Oliver Sandry-Butler (2nd Year) who was victorious in the 200m, Maia White (3rd Year) who convincingly who the 1500m and Jonny Kerr (4th Year) who was unbeatable in both the 800m and 1500m.

Walworth came in 4th place, Queen’s managed to finish in 3rd place, Lovekyn held 2nd place with 947 points and Taverner secured outright victory in the house competition, winning by a full hundred points with 1047. It was a fantastic day, with lots of new school records, and was very pleasing to see so many students take part in the competition.

Mr D Bartram