Visual Arts Evening


​The latest in a long-line of successful careers-related events saw KGS Friends holding a Visual Arts Evening on 23rd February. This was a veritable feast for the eyes and the mind, a sensual, immersive experience coupled with in-depth contact with a number of experienced practitioners, as students from KGS and other schools enjoyed exploring the work of a range of professionals working in the visual arts.

Prominent among the exhibitors was award-winning sculptor Jonathan Kenworthy (OK 1959), one of the titans of modern British art, and there was more fine art from local artist Lee Campbell, who had an exhibition running in the Baxter Gallery, and OK and current Art teacher Sophia Christie (OK 2005). Architecture was well represented, with Tuomas Pirinen (OK 1999) from Ron Arad Architects, Myles Taylor (OK 1993) from Squire and Partners and Kay Lung-Kendall (OK 1999), a landscape architect with Fabrik. Forbes Low (OK 1984), of Forbes Design Associates, represented graphic design and Hayley Bray (OK 1995) photography. Moving image also had its place, courtesy of Sam Ainsworth (OK 2010), a freelance writer and director with his own company, La Paz Films, making commercials and short films. Fashion figured largely, too, with Sophie Dunster (OK 2010), whose company Gung Ho focuses on ethical and sustainable design inspired by important issues, and Anya Wheatley (OK 1991), who describes herself as a fashion buyer and importer, but whose activities and interests cover a wide range of fields. Tudor Morris (OK 2010), meanwhile, describes himself as a Freelance Concept Artist, working for indie gaming companies, kickstarter projects, charities and much more. Also exhibiting, but sadly unable to attend in person, were set designer Alistair Turner (OK 2000) and current parent Alister Thorpe, a photographer who specialises automotive photography.

We are very grateful to all the exhibitors who gave up their time to attend and shared their experience and expertise so freely, and to the number of staff who came along to help and support. It was a pleasure to welcome guests from Tiffin and Surbiton High, making this a wider, more important and less parochial event, and to the pupils and their parents who attended so enthusiastically. Please watch this space for news of the next event in the series; all offers and suggestions welcome.

Please click here to view photographs of the evening. 

Further information about our exhibitors is available in the event programme