Entry Information

Please be aware that we are currently updating our Admissions Portal to allow you to set up an account, apply and monitor the progress of your child's application and admissions journey online. We will need a few days to do this so please bear with us while we introduce the changes. We hope to have the registration form live by the end of next week.

11+ Entry – September 2020

There are 110 places available for 11+ entry in September 2020.

Examination papers are taken in English, Mathematics and Verbal Reasoning. If successful in these papers, candidates will be invited for a one-to-one interview with a member of staff which will either be of a general nature, or with an English or Mathematics focus (depending on the weaker subject). Please note that not everyone interviewed will be offered a place.

The Mathematics and English papers are produced in-house and sample questions are available below.



11+ Registration Deadline 2nd Dec 2019

11+ Entrance Assessment 7th Jan 2020

10+ Deferred Entry – September 2021

There are 20-25 places available for 10+ deferred for entry in September 2021.

Our 10+ deferred examination is for pupils in Year 5 at the time of the entrance assessments. It offers them the opportunity to secure an 11+ place a year early whilst continuing their primary education at their current school. Examination papers are taken in English, Mathematics and Verbal Reasoning. The Mathematics and English papers are broadly in line with age-appropriate National Curriculum levels. Those that perform strongly in all these papers will be invited for interview; however, not everyone interviewed will be offered a place.

Those pupils that accept a 10+ deferred place will not be required to sit the 11+ exam the following year unless parents wish them to be considered for Fee Assistance or an Academic Scholarship. Further details of the Scholarship application process will be sent in the Autumn term prior to the year of entry. Candidates who either decline or are not offered a deferred entry place can re-register to sit the 11+ exam the following year.



10+ Registration Deadline 2nd Dec 2019

10+ Entrance Assessment 11th Jan 2020

13+ Entry – September 2020

There are up to 10 places available for 13+ entry in September 2020.

All 13+ candidates will sit examination papers in Mathematics, English, a Modern Language (French, Spanish or German) and Science in the November when they are in Year 8. The candidates who do well enough in the examinations will be invited for subject-based and general interviews. Places will be offered by the end of the Autumn term.

13+ Registration Deadline 4th Oct 2019

13+ Assessments (Maths and English) 6th Nov 2019

16+ (Sixth Form) Entry – September 2020

There are up to 50 places available for 16+ entry in September 2020.

Conditional offers for Sixth Form entry are made based on predicted GCSE grades (or international equivalent), current school reports and a series of subject-based assessments in their chosen A Level subjects . Offers are confirmed once GCSE results have been published.

In order to cope with the demands of an academically rigorous Sixth Form programme, students must have a sound base across all their GCSE or IGCSE subjects, and excel in those they wish to study at A Level or Pre-U.

As a minimum, students must achieve at least grade 7 (equivalent to A grade) in four separate subjects. In addition, all students must achieve a minimum grade 6 (equivalent to a high B grade) in Mathematics and English GCSE or IGCSE. Please also note that a minimum of grade 7 is required in those subjects, or closely related subjects, that students wish to study for A Level or Pre-U with the exception of Mathematics where students will require a minimum grade 8 at GCSE.


16+ Registration Deadline (Autumn Term) 23rd Oct 2019

16+ Assessments (Autumn Term) w/c 4th Nov 2019

16+ Registration Deadline (Spring Term) 14th Feb 2020

16+ Assessments (Spring Term) w/c 2nd Mar 2020

All applicants are required to pay a non-refundable registration fee of £130 by the closing date for registration. A report is requested from the candidate’s current school prior to the date of examination.