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  • Countdown to statutory relationships and sex education

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    KGS Staff

    KGS is delighted to, once again, be working with the Sex Education Forum (SEF) and also with It Happens. SEF is the country’s leading organisation promoting and delivering high quality RSE while Alex Fryer and Amy Forbes-Robertson from It Happens are known to hundreds of schools up and down...

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  • Welcome to our new prefects

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    Mr SR Lehec

    They say that “it’s not goodbye, but au revoir” but in the case of our Fifth Year and Upper Sixth students it is certainly more a case of à bientôt, as very soon after our fond farewells and messages of luck, success and happiness on our leavers’ days we were welcoming everyone back into...

  • Kingston Diary - Work Life Balance

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    KGS Staff

    At the beginning of the Easter term, the KGS staff INSET day was focused on well-being. As student and teacher workloads ramp up as exam season approaches, the idea of maintaining a work-life balance seems, at times, to be just a dream.

    One of the speakers, Jon Bockelmann-Evans, mooted...

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  • ​Every Snowflake Is Different, But They All Melt

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    Mr SR Lehec

    I have recently been working on a paper that looks at the arguably sensible standardisation of pay periods, term times and day length. Whilst it is not within my power to add a thirteenth month, unilaterally create a balance of term time and holiday weeks or make each day more or...

  • Kingston Diary - Are traditional communication skills declining?

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    KGS Staff

    The Times newspaper only last week, reported an Ofcom survey of 16-24 year olds that found 15% consider phone calls the most important method of communication with 36% preferring instant messaging. Incredibly, most respondents stated that they would...

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