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  • Kingston Diary - "Ac Laetari" part 2

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    KGS Staff

     The United Kingdom was surpassed by countries such as New Zealand, Norway, Ireland, Australia and Costa Rica. “What makes those countries better than ours?!” most of my students asked when I used this as a resource in a recent GCSE lesson. The answer is not simple one. There are...

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  • Kingston Diary - Digital Wellbeing

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    KGS Staff

    Last week at KGS we opened our doors to prospective parents at both our 11+ Information Evening and our KGS Open Day on Saturday. Our KGS students were admirable ambassadors for our school and it is always so gratifying to see them proudly extolling our virtues, happy to be in school even on a...

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  • Kingston Diary - At Full Throttle

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    KGS Staff

    Pupils and staff are still operating at full throttle, both in and out of the classroom. Last week particular highlights included a fantastic Sixth Form theatre trip to see Hamlet, the Kids Lit Quiz for junior pupils, the pastoral collapse morning for...

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  • Kingston Diary - Pastoral Care for the digital age

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    KGS Staff

    The root cause of these problems is unclear but the pressure of exams and excessive use of social media are often raised as contributory factors. But how much of this is just hearsay?

    Recent figures show one that in fifty children under 18 are in contact with specialist mental health...

    Kingston Diary PSHE

  • SRE for the Internet Age

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    Mr N Forsyth

    This decision means that the quality of SRE across schools will continue to be, at best, inconsistent while, at worst, many young people will be left poorly informed, vulnerable and ill-equipped to deal with the challenges of modern culture.

    As we know, born at the turn of the...