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  • Kingston Diary - British Values

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    KGS Staff

    This week has been overshadowed by the terrible events in Manchester and on Thursday, members of the school community at KGS joined with others around the UK in falling silent for a minute to remember the victims of this horrific attack. I was hugely impressed by the way in which the community...

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  • Kingston Diary - One good idea

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    But of course, he's wrong. It's not just the business of being sufficiently creative and imaginative to have these ideas in the first place, but it's also the business of refining the design, securing backing and a patent and then building and marketing the product effectively - anyone who has...

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  • Kingston Diary - A Bizarre House Event

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    KGS Staff

    It’s been a more exciting week than usual at KGS with the arrival of the much-anticipated inspection. Students and staff alike rose to the occasion, relishing the chance to show the very best that KGS has to offer; the diligence and passion of the students have to be especially commended after...

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  • Kingston Diary - A week of sport successes

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    KGS Staff

    This week has been dominated by sporting headlines at KGS. Four of our female rowers did superbly to win silver medals at the Junior Inter Regional Regatta last weekend representing the “Thames London” region and the cricket season began in earnest with Ronan Harvey-Kelly scoring two centuries...

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  • Kingston Diary - Collaboration

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    Whilst Christmas seems a distant memory, there’s no doubt that the spring term has sped past and as always it has been an intense and busy time, not least because Trial Examinations dominate the Fifth and Sixth Formers’ thoughts. Whilst our official commemoration day is always on the first...

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