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  • ​It’s National Science Week, so let’s do some science…

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    They all claimed to get by on less than the average amount of sleep. Obama often worked until 1am and was up by 7am, Thatcher claimed she only needed four hours sleep per night, Da Vinci it is claimed slept for three hours only whilst Sir Isaac Newton allegedly made do with just two hours...

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  • Kingston Diary - Embracing Change

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    A recent study by researchers from Oxford and Cambridge Universities looked at commuters’ travel patterns before and after recent Tube strikes. Predictably, during the strike, people found a variety of alternative routes to get to work, but what surprised the researchers was that after the...

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  • Mobile Technology - a return to simpler times?

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    Mr SR Lehec

    I suffered a moment of almost incomprehensible melancholic nostalgia when I read this week that the ever-popular Nokia 3310 mobile phone was being relaunched. This was to my mind the first acceptable ‘mobile’, though many children and quite a few adults might still refer to it as a brick. I...

  • Kingston Diary - An Important Date for KGS

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    Furthermore we have Richard Taverner, who leased the Lovekyn Chapel and all its endowments from the Crown after they had been forfeited and he gave up his lease in favour of the new School; Edward and John Lovekyn who donated lands and properties in the 14th century and Sir William Walworth...

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  • Kingston Diary - It Takes a Village to Raise a Child

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    Shortly after we returned from the Christmas holiday, I listened to a radio adaptation of Frederik Backman’s novel ‘Britt-Marie Was Here’. Britt-Marie needs purpose in her life and she takes the brave step of going out to look for it. She ends up in Borg, a run-down, small town in her native...