Celebrating our 'excellent' ISI Inspection Report


​Kingston Grammar School is delighted with the findings of its recent Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) inspection report which pronounced the School ‘excellent’ - the top rating inspectors can use - in both pupils’ achievement and their personal development.

The inspectors judged that “the quality of the pupils’ academic and other achievements is excellent”, noting that their “very strong study skills enable them to display highly independent learning, fostered by challenging and supportive teaching… The high levels of achievement derive significantly from the impact of a culture of all-round accomplishment for all pupils that is so effectively promoted by senior leadership and governors. Pupils are determined to live up to the school motto ‘Work well and be happy’, and in this they are conspicuously successful. Pupils are taught to question and challenge ideas from an early age. These attributes represent very successful fulfilment of the School’s academic aims.”

The strength of the School’s pastoral programme was also highly praised by the inspectors: “Pupils’ outstanding social development enables them to take responsibility for themselves and make a highly beneficial contribution to the lives of others… Pupils possess a strong moral awareness and are supportive and tolerant of others. They also learn to balance success and failure. They persevere with the challenges presented to them and develop strong self-reliance and independence.”

The inspectors also stated that: “Without exception, those spoken to feel that this is a kind school where unkindness is never acceptable.”

Remarking on the report, Head Master Stephen Lehec said: “I'm incredibly proud of what we're achieving at Kingston Grammar School and am thrilled to have received such a positive endorsement from ISI of the phenomenal work that is going on. As we say at KGS, work well and be happy!”

ISI Inspection Report May 2017 PDF