Chop chop! Lockdown Haircut founders treat KGS Head Master to a DIY trim


Lack of a good haircut during lockdown was the catalyst for Lockdown Haircut founders Jeroen Sibia and Dan Silvertown to create their trending Lockdown Haircut business.

Keen to solve the nations ever-growing follicle conundrum in the self isolation crisis, the duo came up with a novel idea to tame the nation’s tresses by providing an army of online barbers to professionally advise self isolators while at the same time supporting the NHS and out-of-work barbers.

Co-founders Jeroen and Dan contacted Kingston Grammar School Head, Stephen Lehec, to see if he was game to get involved as, by pure coincidence, Jeroen is a KGS alumni and Dan had been one of Mr Lehec’s pupils when he was Head Master at Aylesbury Grammar School. The link between all three of them seemed too good an opportunity to miss.

KGS Head Master Stephen Lehec said, “I’m putting my trust in the boys and their professional Ben May who will guide us through the process of the DIY Lockdown Haircut!”

The event not only gave the Head a trim but also provided some light relief and entertainment while raising money for the NHS. Afterwards, the KGS Head confessed that he had been a bit worried at first but grateful for the chance to get his haircut, especially in aid of a great cause. All that’s needed is a comb, some clippers and a laptop. Each 20-minute consultation can be booked online and costs £15, with the money split between the barber who provides your consultation and the NHS.

“It’s a wonderfully innovative way of helping people resolve their haircutting challenges and crucially raising money for the frontline heroes in the NHS. Jeroen and Dan are marvellous, as was Ben, but of course I’d expect nothing less from former KGS and AGS students!”

Co-founder Jeroen added, “We are so pleased to do something that helps people while raising money for such worthy NHS causes. By no means will this replace going to an actual local barber but for now it’s the next best thing and will save people from lockdown disasters!”

A 20-minute online barber consultation is available through