Dame Katherine Grainger DBE comes to KGS Growth Mindset Conference


“I Can’t Do It…Yet”

Dame Katherine Grainger DBE to Headlines Growth Mindset Conference at Kingston Grammar School

Great Britain’s most successful female Olympian, Dame Katherine Grainger DBE, came to Kingston Grammar Schoo today, Wednesday 7th November 2018 as the keynote speaker at the third annual KGS national conference, focusing this year on the importance of developing a growth mindset.

Titled “I Can’t Do It…Yet” the conference was organised by KGS Head of Wellbeing Nick Forsyth in conjunction with InnerDrive, the leading UK mental skills company.

The conference was aimed at teachers and educators and will host expert national and international speakers including psychologists and academics as well as Dame Katherine Grainger DBE.

Growth mindset trailblazer Carol S. Dweck PhD, the world’s leading mindset researcher and Professor of Psychology at Stanford University, offered her support and endorsement for the conference, stating her delight at the partnership between InnerDrive and Kingston Grammar School in promoting such an important and current educational topic that supports students’ capacity to learn and develop.

KGS Head Master, Mr Stephen Lehec, said: “Kingston Grammar School prides itself on being at the vanguard of leading educational and learning developments, most especially in transforming fixed into growth mindsets, better put as being ‘I Can’t’ becoming ‘I Can’ engendered by a change in philosophy by both teacher and learner. Hosting this conference and attracting leading names in education and psychology as well an inspirational athlete and friend of KGS such as Dame Katherine Grainger DBE is indicative of what an important topic growth mindset is.

We are delighted to be working with InnerDrive and we look forward to welcoming all our speakers and guests. ‘I Can’t Do It… Yet’ is testament to our commitment in supporting and leading innovative educational developments not just for students at KGS but for all schools and educators.”

Key speakers includes Lucy Crehan, international education consultant and author of ‘Cleverlands - The Secrets Behind Success’, one of the Economist’s Books of the Year in 2016; chartered psychologist and director of InnerDrive, Bradley Busch, a leading expert on how psychological research can best help students and teachers think, learn and perform; Jonnie Noakes, Head of Teaching and Learning at Eton College; Chris Hildrew, Head Teacher at Churchill Academy and author of ‘Becoming a Growth Mindset School’; and Dr Pippa Busch, a chartered psychologist specialising in Child Development and Educational Psychology.

Themes discussed included:

  • What does growth mindset in schools look like?
  • How can schools develop growth mindset, character and resilience?
  • How can teachers help disengaged students with a fixed mindset?

Nick Forsyth, Head of Wellbeing at KGS, said: “We were delighted to have such a distinguished keynote speaker like Dame Katherine Grainger DBE and hope that this event opens minds to the possibilities for every student and that it informs and inspires our delegates. If everyone leaves with the key knowledge and information that they can put into practice as soon as they return to work, then it will have been a true success in promoting the benefits of growth mindset and a positive approach to education and learning.”

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Notes to Editors

Kingston Grammar School is a leading co-educational independent day school for pupils aged 11-18.