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Biology is always at the forefront of modern scientific research and aspects of those key areas of investigation are prominent in the teaching of Biology at KGS.

Biology has its roots in the fundamental questions of how life works and is of great importance to so many issues; to questions of health, genetics, environment, sustainability and the future of the human and animal populations. It is a subject with relevance to everyone, as well as being a fascinating and engaging science. 

The Biology Department strives to challenge and stimulate our students into questioning accepted ideas and we aim to instil in them a desire to find out answers for themselves, rather than simply accepting what is known. It is our wish to produce scientists of the future by presenting Biology to the students as a subject with opportunities for free-thinking and exploration rather than as a series of facts for them to learn. 

Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution.

Theodosius Dobzhansky

Throughout the years that students study Biology, they develop essential scientific and analytical skills; an evaluative approach and key problem-solving abilities. There is a significant emphasis on developing practical skills with all age groups, something which helps to ensure an independent learning experience and allows for vibrant and memorable lessons. 


Students experience a broad range of topic areas including biochemistry, cell biology, human and animal physiology, immunology, genetics and biotechnology. The relevance of many of these topic areas to common-place situations is not lost on our students and we aim to help the students make sense of everyday observations through their study of Biology.

A Level

Biology is a popular choice at A Level and is an excellent stepping stone into a medical or research career in many different fields. Many of our A Level biologists go on to study medicine and other biomedical and biology-related degrees at university.

The School has a near 100% record of helping students to gain offers to study medicine and veterinary medicine. Lower Sixth Biology students gain first-hand experience of practical field research on a field trip to Studland Bay, Dorset and there are visits throughout the year, with the chance to extend knowledge beyond curriculum level with our Biomedical Extension classes. There is also the opportunity to become involved with extra-curricular science clubs throughout students’ time at KGS.

Biology A Level Course guide 

Biology information booklet


  • Mr M Rodgers, Head of Biology 
  • Miss H Airbright, Teacher of Biology  
  • Miss R Hill, Teacher of Biology 
  • Miss F Thomas, Teacher of Biology 
  • Mr N Forsyth, Head of Wellbeing; Teacher of Biology 
  • Miss A Hicks, Head of Fifth Year; Teacher of Biology 
  • Assistant Head; Head of Sixth Form: Teacher of Biology Ms A Williams