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The Learning Support Department at KGS aims to ensure that all students achieve their full potential and overcome any challenges they may experience with their learning. We provide students with a range of support. Lessons take place in the Study Skills Room and may operate on a one-to-one basis or in a small group.  

If a student has been assessed by an Educational Psychologist or Specialist Teacher and the assessment confirms a Specific Learning Difficulty the student will be listed on the School’s Special Educational Needs and Disabilities register. Some of these students may be identified by our own screening procedure which takes place during the Autumn term.

If identified as needing additional support, the student’s name will appear on the Learning Support Register and remain on it for the time he/she is receiving additional support. The support will always have a clear focus on teaching effective study skills and applying a range of strategies to classroom and homework tasks.  Those with recognised learning difficulties, joining the School in other years, are also seen to ascertain what support they may need. 

The Department works closely with the School’s Examinations Officer to ensure that Access Arrangements are fairly administered. Current Fourth Year students and above, requiring Access Arrangements for external examinations, need a formal educational assessment which must have been completed during their secondary school career. Our students with specific learning difficulties do well in external exams, gaining places at top universities.


  • Head of Learning Support, Mrs S Corcoran
  • Learning Support Teacher; Mrs J King