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The ‘Ac Laetari’ (‘be happy’) programme is our integrated pastoral development and education programme. Our dedicated PSHE education lessons are enhanced by a wider pastoral programme involving eternal speakers and off timetable sessions as well as talks and advice evenings for parents. We are rightly proud of our pastoral provision and it is widely acknowledged to be one of the best in any school in the UK.

Our comprehensive programme begins in the First Year and continues right through to Sixth Form. For younger students, properly planned and age-appropriate sessions help them to understand the physical and emotional side of growing up as well as helping them to identify inappropriate or unsafe behaviour or experiences. Further up the school, the emphasis switches to issues such as consent and the law, contraception and STIs, and healthy and unhealthy relationships. Students are also given the opportunity to explore and discuss wider issues such as pornography, gender stereotyping and peer pressure.

Key contributory factors to pupils’ personal development are the strong ethos and commitment to pupils’ wellbeing and the clear sense of purpose promoted by school leaders and governors, the coherent and well-planned pastoral care provision, and the strong and supportive school community which values equally academic success and personal growth

ISI report 2017

This programme sits alongside our comprehensive and rigorous academic curriculum to complement and support the pastoral and academic development of each of our students. Delivering targeted, well-thought-out and ground-breaking initiatives at all levels throughout the School, our overarching aim is to equip each student with the skills and tools to tackle life with confidence and enthusiasm, and achieve all they want to.

The 2017 ISI inspection report had much to say about the quality of our provision:

  • “The quality of the pupils’ personal development is excellent.”    
  • “Pupils have a pronounced sense of right and wrong and instinctively understand the importance of taking responsibility for their own behaviour and being mindful of its impact on others.”    
  • “Pupils also learn to balance success and failure. They persevere with the challenges presented to them and develop strong self-reliance and independence.”    


  • Head of PSHE, Mrs Maria Robinson