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Equality, diversity & inclusion at KGS

Educating the students at KGS, and ourselves, in what we can do to promote equality, diversity and inclusion is a significant aspect of our work together. 

We have always aimed to promote excellent academic standards as well as superb sport and other co-curricular provision alongside outstanding pastoral care.  As a part of this we have also always sought to develop and promote resilience, independence, aspiration, integrity and regard, as personal standards by which we wish to be judged.  We hope that all students who attend KGS will themselves “Work well and be happy”, but that they will also truly understand what that means, including the fact that their impact on the lives of others is crucial to everyone’s wellbeing and success.

"KGS stands for the absolute rejection of any form of prejudice or discrimination."

Stephen Lehec, Head Master



“We want our school to be a happy and inclusive place for everyone – students, staff, parents and visitors – and this focus on equality, diversity and inclusion for all is an important step in the right direction.”

Sarah Humphrey, Pastoral Deputy Head and Teacher of Geography