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The Kingston Grammar School Podcast

We are joined by members of staff along with special guests exploring equality, diversity and inclusion, sport and drama at our school. 

We have also been fortunate to catch up with a small number of our esteemed alumni such as author of citizens, Jon Alexander, GB rower Jo Blackshaw and professional GB hockey players Millie Giglio, Jack Waller and Zach Wallace. 

The podcast is available on Amazon Music, Spotify, Apple Music and SoundCloud. 

EPISODE 1: Illustrious Alumni: Jon Alexander Part One

In conversation today is Jon Alexander (Old Kingstonian 1999) and Head Master Stephen Lehec.  Jon is the author of Citizens: Why the Key To Fixing Everything Is All of Us; a book that seeks to reframe the moment in time we're living in as one of huge civic opportunity, not just crisis and collapse.  Jon joins us to discuss how we can open up a world of possibility for organisations and leaders across sectors and around the globe. 

EPISODE 2: Illustrious Alumni: Jon Alexander Part Two

Old Kingstonian and thought-leader Jon Alexander is the author of Citizens: Why the Key to Fixing Everything Is All of Us.  In this book, Jon questions the Consumer Story in which we have all (consciously or subconsciously) been active participants for our entire lives.  As Jon says, the headlines of our time are enough to make anyone feel helpless but when we start to think and act like Citizens, not just Consumers, everything changes.  This week, we are focusing on Jon's time at KGS whilst he reflects upon his privileges growing up and the responsibilities which accompany those privileges.

EPISODE 3: Sport at KGS Series: Roundtable Discussion with Headmaster Stephen Lehec and Director of Sport Andy Watts

In this four-part series, we feature KGS athletes both past and present who are making remarkable strides in their sports. In this episode, we hear from current KGS rowers Matilda and Lola and we cover all things KGS sport in a lively sit down with Headmaster Stephen Lehec and Director of Sport Andy Watts. 

EPISODE 4: Sport at KGS Series: Jack Waller

England and GB Hockey player, Jack Waller proudly featured in the 2018 World Cup Semi-Finals, in two European Championships and was recognized as the youngest member of the leadership group during the Tokyo 2020 Olympic cycle. In this episode, Jack speaks with fondness of his time at KGS and shares with us the many virtues of making work and play equally important disciplines.

Episode 5: Sport at KGS Series: Millie Giglio

Part of the GB Elite Development hockey program, Millie currently represents England and GB at an Under 21 Level whilst studying Civil Engineering at the University of Birmingham.  Millie tells us all about her hockey career since leaving KGS, the sacrifices required for success and the joy that follows the hard work. 

Episode 6: Sport at KGS Series: Zach Wallace

In our final episode in the Sport at KGS Series, we catch up with hockey professional Zach Wallace.  Since leaving KGS, Zach has gone on to represent England at the World Cup and two European Championships and to represent GB in the Pro League and Olympic Games with 63 caps and nine goals to his name so far. But his career is far from over, and Zach talks about the many, many aspirations that lie ahead of him.

Episode 7: The KGS Drama and Theatre Department Takes Centre Stage

In a roundtable discussion with Headmaster Stephen Lehec, Director of Drama Richard Gee and Actor in Residence Stephen Kennedy, this episode shines a spotlight on the renowned Drama and Theatre Department at KGS, which offers a wealth of opportunities for students of all ages and interests.

Episode 8: EDI Series: In Conversation with Key KGS Faculty

In this two-part series, we focus on the importance of EDI (equality, diversity and inclusion) within Kingston Grammar School and its significance beyond school walls. Headmaster Stephen Lehec kicks off this series by sitting down with Sarah Humphrey, Deputy Head Pastoral and Casey Beckford, Race Equality Ambassador.

Episode 9: EDI Series: In Conversation with Key KGS Students

In the second episode of this two-part series, we hear from four inspirational KGS students who are tackling the bold topics of equality, diversity and inclusion head-on, helping their peers to find and use their voices.  

Episode 10: Illustrious Alumni: Jo Blackshaw

Prepare to be captivated as KGS alumna, Jo Blackshaw regales us with a detailed account of her rowing journey across the Atlantic and explains how a co-educational environment promotes equality both during school years and in the years that follow.

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