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At KGS we understand that the study of Mathematics is key to developing the problem solving and logical thinking skills so important in life, as well as being a gateway to many other subjects. Our teachers are all passionate about their subject and seek to engender that same enthusiasm in our students.

We aim to engage students by teaching using a variety of the best of both modern and traditional approaches, combining the use of classroom IT with practice of the techniques being learnt. Whilst the National Curriculum forms the basis of what is taught, we seek to broaden and extend students with problem solving activities, investigations and topics going beyond the national syllabus.

Our classrooms are equipped with multiple white boards to encourage students to work in groups, discuss their work and present their methods and solutions. Mathematics is the most popular of A Level choices with almost ¾ of our Sixth Form doing a Mathematics A Level.

Mathematics is the music of reason

James Joseph Sylvester

We aim to extend students so that they develop to the full extent of their capability. In the First Year, after a term of settling and consolidation, students are put in sets and start on an accelerated Scheme of Work. They have the opportunity to sit the UK Maths Challenges, with many progressing through to the later stages of the competition, including the Olympiad. We send teams to regional inter-schools competitions such as Hans Woyda, Maths Team Challenge and Maths Feast. The best mathematicians in each year are taken out of lessons once a week for more specialist extension work to ensure that they are kept stretched and challenged. The top sets take Additional Mathematics alongside their IGCSE; this course is excellent preparation for those wishing to sit Further Mathematics at A Level. Many of our A Level students also take an AS in Further Mathematics. In the Sixth Form there are extension classes for those applying to Oxford or Cambridge to study Mathematics or related subjects.

Mathematics A Level Course Guide

Mathematics Information Booklet


  • Head of Mathematics, Mr K Connor
  • Second in Mathematics, Mr M Emmerton
  • Teacher of Mathematics, Mr I Chiew
  • Teacher of Mathematics, Ms S Clifford
  • Teacher of Mathematics, Mrs R A Faiz
  • Teacher of Mathematics; Head of Community Action and Service, Mrs S Hassan
  • Teacher of Mathematics, Mrs C Jones
  • Deputy Director of Careers & Universities; Teacher of Mathematics, Mr S Morris
  • Teacher of Mathematics, Miss M Parry
  • Teacher of Mathematics; Teacher of STEAM, Mrs N Reilly
  • JWS Teacher of Mathematics, Mr J Skeates
  • LAS Teacher of Mathematics, Mrs L Slezak