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KGS Academic Life

Our goal is to equip pupils with the skills and confidence they need to innovate, not replicate. We want them to be passionate about their learning and creative in their thinking.

We instil curiosity, self-reliance and the ability to ask the right questions – to work well and be happy. As a result, we have a proud tradition of outstanding results at GCSE and A-level, placing us in the top 1% of secondary schools in the country.

Lower School

We believe in choice. That is why we enable our students to experience a full range of subjects in their first two years, before allowing them to select a combination of option subjects in their third year.

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By offering a broad combination of both GCSE & iGCSE courses, we aim to develop the skills and knowledge our students will need for GCSE success, as well as providing essential preparation for A Level study.

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Sixth Form

We create an environment in which our Sixth Form students achieve superb examination results, and develop their personal and leadership skills. They combine top-class academic preparation with sport, co-curricular activities and involvement in the Community Service programme.

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Framework for Teaching and Learning at Kingston Grammar School

The KGS learner is at the core of lessons and is the primary focus of the Teaching and Learning Framework at KGS. How do we achieve this?

  • By giving feedback which is both timely and which allows students to improve their work.

  • By using questioning for building mastery and encouraging students to ‘own’ their learning while offering support.

  • By allowing for periods of consolidation to allow students to go over past material as well as deepening knowledge.

  • By giving students a sense of purpose.

  • By building student agency, encouraging them to engage with the topic overview, the year plan and the specification.

Effective, impactful learning only happens in dynamic, stimulating, challenging and interesting lessons where students feel valued and enabled to achieve. Our teachers are adaptive to the learning and wellbeing needs of our students and are supported by having access to high-quality Continuing Professional Development. In addition, we have a group of core staff who focus on and work to enhance the quality of learning taking place across the school. Key members of the Leadership Team are responsible for ensuring that staff are supported and empowered to deliver high-quality lessons that enable students to make the best possible progress whilst, importantly, enjoying the learning journey.

One key strand of staff training is the effective use of devices to enhance and support curriculum delivery. In line with our digital strategy, we believe devices are an essential learning tool. For our students growing up in the digital age, it is important that, as a school, we help to develop their digital literacy beyond the confines of social media and gaming, ensuring that they are well prepared for the demands and opportunities of modern living within a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

As a school, our challenge is to ensure that every student is thinking deeply, actively learning and developing a secure understanding of the curriculum. Our mantra is very much ‘Teaching everyone; teaching them all better!’ whilst keeping true to our school motto, Bene Agere ac Laetari - Work Well and Be Happy. It is this complementary but rigorous approach that we feel best provides our students with a holistic, dynamic and thorough framework for lifelong learning.

Mrs A Lett, Assistant Head (Teaching & Learning)