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The rise of the Anthropocene means that it is an incredibly exciting time to be a geographer!

The Department’s five specialist Geography teachers look forward to welcoming you into their classrooms to transport you around the globe and to investigate the key processes operating across the human and physical world. 

Students learn to unravel and understand the major themes and processes shaping the world around them and we highlight the most contemporary theories and case studies to develop their skills. 

Without geography, you’re nowhere


Our lessons are firmly grounded in academic rigour and we seek to ensure that students have a firm grasp of the abilities required to be accomplished geographers such as being able to appreciate how locational context affects contemporary issues, acknowledge interrelationships between places, environments and processes as well as an ability to utilise mathematical and statistical skills to interpret geographical issues.  

In First and Second Year our diverse range of topics gives students an excellent grounding in both human and physical geography.  We encourage our students to be inquisitive and seek to both further broaden their knowledge whilst questioning their learning.  The focus on both knowledge and geographical skills ensures they are well prepared to tackle the AQA GCSE course. 

Geography is a subject that goes beyond the classroom and we seek to offer our young geographers the thrill of fieldwork, both in the UK and abroad.  We explore human interactions with the coast by visiting Seaford and Birling Gap and look at urban regenerations in the vibrant and ever-changing city of Bristol.  Students also get the opportunity to visit the geographical wonders of Iceland and hone their fieldwork skills on the Isle of Arran in Scotland.

Geography A Level Course guide 

Geography Information Booklet


  • Mrs L Macfarlane, Head of Geography 
  • Mr A House, Director of Marketing & Admissions; Teacher of Geography
  • Mrs R McCulloch, Teacher of Geography 
  • Miss C Hurley, Teacher of Geography