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Collaboration Partnership

As a school, we place great value on creating opportunities for collaboration and partnership which in turn leads to a richer and more diverse experience for all involved. It is through our partnership activity that we become more closely connected as a community. In these turbulent times, the importance of this cannot be overstated.

In the last 2 years the KGS community was involved in over 50 outreach and partnership projects involving thousands of local students and hundreds of local teachers. We continue to raise significant sums of money through donations to our fee assistance schemes and we give back to the community at many different levels through volunteering, specialist support and community work. 

We have many exciting projects and community outreach activities. We firmly believe that a collaborative approach to supporting the local community is the most effective form of partnership, an approach that underpins our work with the Kingston Academy on a Higher Education programme called Futures, providing inspirational and aspirational career education events and advice through keynote events open to all students within the local community. 

We continue to offer professional development opportunities at the primary and secondary level to local teachers and specialist learning opportunities for local students in a wide variety of areas including sport, science and the creative arts.

Deb Sherwood
Director of Outreach & Partnerships